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shared sea walks 

one-to-one distance walks

IZOLYATSIA residency programme, hosted by Tu Platform, Mariupol, Ukraine

april 2019 


Do you live by the sea? Would you go for a shared sea walk with someone else many miles away from you? Mariupol, a city close to the war zone between Russia and Ukraine, is situated on the Azov sea. It is sealed off now from the mainland because the airport has been destroyed and trains disrupted. I searched for a way to connect those who live in Mariupol to other people who also live by the sea - through the transparent and soft texture of water, through walking simultaneously by the seashore. People could exchange via social media as they prefered - photos, audio call, video, text messages. 19 pairs went on a shared walk.


#shreadseawalks #onetoone #walking #connection #distance #distancewalk #sea #simultaneous #walkingattheedge #psychogeography #water #artresidency

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