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a series of two walks with a shared online discussion

Woven Network, digital residency 

november 2020


What makes you feel safe or unsafe in a public space? How does it differ for men and for women? Where in your city do you like to spend time and which places you avoid? Where will you go if I ask you to go to a place you feel safe in your city?


I invited people to share a walk and a discussion to discover safe/unsafe places in their cities. It consisted of two walks. On the agreed date and time we walked to a place where everyone felt safe (21/11/20) and unsafe (28/11/20). Once we all arrived we connected via a Whatsapp chat and had a discussion and a sharing of what makes us feel safe/unsafe in public spaces and what places did we choose to come to.



​#safeunsafe #twowalks #publicspace #cities #walk #walktoasafeplace #walktoanunsafeplace #discussion #wovennetwork #changes #howdoesthecitymakeyoufeel

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