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pink coat - yellow coat 

walking performance

Horror Vacui (Rotem Volk + Alisa Oleva)

in collaboration with Liebling Haus

supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts (Israel Lottery Fund) and MATAN Centre for Experimental Theatre Grant

London/Tel Aviv

march 2022


Pink Coat – Yellow Coat is a performance tour connecting the public spaces of two cities: Tel Aviv and London.


What do we think about when we walk somewhere for the first time? What makes us feel at home? Can we feel alien and insecure in our most familiar places? What's the difference between walking alone and with others?


The two artists, Rotem in Tel Aviv and Alisa in London, lead the participants through a live audio walk using headphones and presenting two viewpoints on the urban environment: one live and local in Tel Aviv, the other virtual from London. Wearing a colorful raincoat, the audience embarks on an intimate journey while reflecting upon the post-COVID familiar and unfamiliar urban environment from a new perspective, exploring the personal and fragile relations we have with our cities.

White City Center website

Rotem Volk website

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