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imagined manchester 

a guided walk through an imagined city


february 2020 ​


A walk through Manchester as imagined by people who live in Russia and who have never been to the city. An invitation to walk, stop, listen, and look at the city through someone else's eyes.


I asked people from Russia, who have never been to Manchester, to record a description of how they imagine Manchester and to take a photo of something that corresponds to that description in their home cities. You can go on a walk around Manchester and listen to those descriptions, merging the real and the imagined city. ​

This project has been curated by Yulia Chmelenko

#walking #manchester #imaginedmanchester #imaginedcity #throughsomeoneelseseyes#audiowalk #aguidedwalkthroughanimaginedcity #collectivewalk #acityyouhaveneverbeento

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