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far away dance 

a collective dancing to a livestream in a field

in collaboration with Soundcamp for Reveil 2021

ATOM (Alisa Oleva + Timothy Maxymenko)

musician Andrey Kiritchenko

Hackney Marshes, London

may 2021


ATOM is inviting you to join a Far Away Dance - to dance together at a safe distance outdoors in Hackney Marshes to a live set based on the sounds of the location by musician Andrey Kiritchenko who is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine.


We take pandemic restrictions as generative of new choreographies and ways of listening together. We are offering a situation for people to be together safely in the darkness of the evening, keeping each other in sight but at a far distance, dancing amongst the silhouettes, listening and being surrounded by the sounds of the location at the same time.


ATOM has commissioned Andrey Kiritchenko in Kyiv to do a live performance based on field recordings we collected from the site of Hackney Marshes. You will be able to safely share the space together in Hackney Marshes in the dark, dancing or just listening to the live set created specially for the event from the everyday sounds and noises of the place you are in.

  Reveil website

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