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city for her 

a shared walk-action

with the support of EU program House of Europe

part of Femhouse week: Women \ Cities \ Arts

march 2021

I invited everyone to join the walk-action from any place where they were on the 8th of March

What places in your neighbourhood are connected with women, with their contribution to the life of the local community? Streets, monuments, buildings, parks, benches. I invite you to walk to these places from where you are now. In this way, together, around the world, we will put these important places on the map to identify and manifest them, to show and mark how many women are investing into the creation of the places and spaces in which we live. We go out to win back the city for ourselves and to walk together in solidarity with women who cannot use public space freely. Although pandemic has deprived us of the possibility to protest collectively due to the health risks, it does not make us incapable of inventing new methods of protesting socio-economic or gender injustice. On this day, I invite you to go out to manifest the cities for her! 

The format of the shared walk provided that every woman in her city or village could go for a walk, being in contact with other women through the global network. We communicated via a Telegram chat, sharing our own observations and geolocations, thoughts and feelings, photos and videos from the place. You could join on your own or form a group locally. 

→ archive of the chat

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